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Do you wish to improve your German?
The focus is on you: the individual participant coming to us from any spot on our planet Earth to begin his/her studies or take up a job in Germany. In one-to-one classes, as an in-house training or in a group course you can expect a lively and individual way of teaching. We concentrate on you and your specific needs: The content of your lessons is determined by your requirements.


Intensives Einzeltraining – Intensive Individual Training

Many corporate and private customers like to take our offer of an intensive one-to-one training course. The time frame can be agreed upon individually, from daily training to several classes per week. These customized sessions will be focusing one hundred per cent on the class participant’s personal needs to support him completely throughout his language learning process.

Abendkurse – Evening classes

Our classes for the levels A1 to B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR) usually take place once a week with two or three participants. The content of the lessons are determined by your private or professional requirements. In order to complete one level, you need approximately 40 sessions or 10 months.

Konversation ab Mittelstufe – Conversation courses

If you have already reached a descent level of German language knowledge – minimum B1 –  you can practice your speaking skills on a regular basis to become more fluent, deepen your vocabulary, learn to apply specific German expressions and feel more secure overall.

Telefon- und Aussprachetraining – Telephoning and Pronunciation

You have to use the telephone often, but still feel insecure or are afraid of being misunderstood? A personal training can be tailored to meet your needs specifically, you will receive feedback and individual support.

Probestunde – Trial lesson

You are not an absolute beginner? Book a trial lesson in one of our courses to find out if you fit in!

We will gladly inform you about the options via e-mail or phone. Feel free to ask!

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