Welcome at école nicole!

Hello and welcome!

Our team invites you to visit us at our premises for information and to get an impression of the school. We teach with great joy and want you to be able to use the new language fast and feel safe when using it. Our language training is designed for private customers as well as companies. The trainers are native speakers with normally an academic background who will support you in learning the right language skills tailored to your needs.

école nicole has been successfully teaching languages for many years. Language is what connects people and allows us to live and work in a Global World.
Apart from speaking and understanding a foreign language it has become essential to have insightful knowledge of the history, culture, and success techniques in the Global Market.

Best regards, Karl Heidergott

About myself

I took over from Nicole Schonlau, founder and director of école nicole, when she resigned on 1 January 2016. At a glance I am a multi-talented, succesful and multi-lingual ‘‘hands-on‘‘ allrounder, versatile and ethical entrepreneur, lecturer, translator and member of the Institute of Directors, London.

With a proven track record of more than 30 years of teaching English and German as well as conducting business affairs I prepare students for their LCCI exams (English for Business, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry). For 7 years I worked as a lecturer for DAA (Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie) in Holzminden. In December 2015 I came to Essen.

Essen is my home town. Here, at Theaterplatz No 7, my Grandfather used to run a Music Hall/Vaudeville Theatre. A place, where -as a boy- I grew accustomed to travelling, foreign languages and different cultures.

I studied ´Law` and, at the same time, I started my ‘English Language‘ studies. However.. ‘law‘ is not my cup of tea, so I pursued my language teaching career. Eventually, in 1989, I started my own language school in Juliusstraße… in Essen. In 1998 I sold the language school and went to Bournemouth in England. I worked as a property and hotel manager and, of course, I taught languages.

Life long learning is my motto.